House on the waterfront Lutry

Construction of a residential family home with spa, infinity pool and private harbour

Lutry district

Harmonising the building with the surrounding landscape

This thoroughly contemporary project is made up of three habitable levels, mainly given over to living space and relaxation. It is located on the shore of Lake Geneva, on an outstanding site.

The project is organised horizontally east/west by level, with a vertical distribution to the north. On the lower ground floor, the day area, with the kitchen to the west, then the eating area, living room and relaxation areas, fitness room and spa to the east. On the upper ground floor, the 4 bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom. Upstairs there is an open-plan studio office running from west to east, with a sun room opening out to the lake.

The idea was to maximise useful areas and to minimise adjoining areas, while favouring the relationship between the semi-private day area on the lower ground floor and the private areas to allow for family evolution and development on the upper ground floor and upstairs.

Integration within the site

The integration within this site takes account of the plot's outstanding environment located beside Lake Geneva, below the vineyards of Lavaux.

Environmental impact

During the construction of the various parts of the buildings, the criteria for sustainable developmenthave been respected. The management of the demolition of the old building has been exemplary in terms of the treatment of various types of waste. The materials used for the building's reconstruction have been chosen in order to limit the environmental impact. Grey energy has been taken into account for each material, and an impact evaluation has had an appropriate influence on the choice of these materials. Priority has been given to insulation that is natural (rockwool) or based on recycled materials.

Energy production

The heating is produced by a pressurised boiler, combined with a gas boiler. PV solar panels cover the whole roof area and mean that all electricity is self-generated.

A few figures

The SIA Volume is 2,100 m³.

The total habitable surface area is more than 690 m² gross.