House with swimming pool Belmont

Family home Belmont - Enlargement and transformation of a residential family home with swimming pool

Chemin de malavaux - Belmont district

Harmonising the building with the surrounding landscape

This project, located in a neighbourhood of individual dwellings, has been completely reorganised by using the openings and recesses offered by the site. The volumetry of the building has been slightly increased according to what is permitted and possible in terms of construction. The idea was to maximise the useful areas and to minimise the adjoining areas, while favouring family relationships, by creating multi-purpose areas that can be swapped as the family evolves and develops.

Integration within the site

The integration within this site takes into account the special environment of the plot located to the west of a low-density zone while overlooking a high-density zone. Located below the centre of Belmont, on a plot of land with a steep gradient, it enjoys a westerly aspect and an opening to the south. 

Wood has been favoured for the exterior cladding of the building with this choice of materials and colours respecting the harmony with the natural landscape offered by the forest of the Bois de Belmont, located to the north of the building, a few metres from the facade. 

The natural wood facades (larch) change over time according to the effects of the weather, good or bad. 

Thus the building's aspects have been preserved, and these characteristics have been exploited to the maximum in order to achieve MINERGIE certification.

Environmental impact

When the old building was demolished and the new building reconstructed, the criteria for sustainable development were respected.

The management of the demolition was exemplary in terms of the treatment of the various types of waste.

The materials used for the building's construction were chosen in order to limit the environmental impact of these types of construction. Grey energy is taken into account for each material, and an impact evaluation has had an appropriate influence on the choice of these materials.The wood used is certified as of Swiss origin.

Priority has been given to insulation that is natural (rockwool) or based on recycled materials.

Energy production

Heating is provided by a heat pump using two loops running 210 metres deep. Thermal solar panels ensure the supply of domestic hot water and additional heating. PV panels have been integrated into the roof and will provide a significant proportion of the family's electricity consumption.

A few figures

The SIA Volume is 1,500 m³.

The total surface area is 500 m² of which 450 m² is habitable.