Demolition and reconstruction of an old meadow chalet

Harmonising the building with the surrounding landscape

The old meadow chalet has been dismantled and then reconstructed on the same foundation as the original, the timber was recovered as it stood and reused in strips. The room layout has been preserved in its original configuration, just the designation of some rooms has changed. The old stable has become the living room and the wheat barn is now the master bedroom. The height of the meadow chalet has been increased by 120 cm, in order to create sleeping accommodation under the roof. 

This project is organised horizontally south/north by level, on the ground floor, the day area (utility room, shower & WC, kitchen, dining and living room), upstairs, the sleeping areas (2bedrooms with rest areas and bathroom & WC), and in the loft, sleeping accommodation for about 6 persons. 

The idea was to maximise useful areas and to minimise adjoining areas, while favouring the relationship between the day area on the ground floor and the private areas to allow for family evolution and development upstairs and on the lower ground floor.

Integration within the site

The integration within this site takes account of the special environment of the plot located on the edge of the neighbourhood (high mountain pasture) in an area of small chalets, at an altitude of about 1,700 metres, at the foot of the Arbi valley, overlooking the village of Isérable and its old pasture land, le Tracouet.

Environmental impact

During the reconstruction of the meadow chalet, the criteria for sustainable development have been respected. The management of the old building's demolition was exemplary in terms of the treatment of various sorts of waste. The materials used for the reconstruction of the chaletwere for the most part salvaged from other chalets dismantled in the region, in order to limit the environmental impact. Grey energy has been taken into account for each material, and an impact evaluation has had an appropriate influence on the choice of these materials. Priority has been given to natural products, new or salvaged wood, wooden (larch) shingles made on site, insulation that is natural (rockwool) or based on recycled materials, local stone, etc.

Energy production

Warm-air heating is provided by a wood pellet burner positioned at the centre of the space and serving to heat the whole of the volume.

A few figures

The SIA Volume is 550 m³.

The total surface area is 205 m² of which 180 m² is habitable.