Rental property Prilly

Completion of a project for a rental property with underground parking

Prilly district

Harmonising the building with the surrounding landscape

This thoroughly contemporary project is made up of 3 habitable levels, mainly given over to rented accomodation, and is located in a residential area of Prilly, within a wooded site and set back from the major urban arteries.

The project is organised horizontally east/west by level, with a vertical distribution at the centre. The building will comprise 6 dwellings running across 3.5 rooms, of which 2 dwellings have a mezzanine of 24 m2.

Underground parking for 6 vehicles will take up a large proportion of the basement level, and service premises and cellars will take up the rest of the surface area.

The idea was to maximise the useful areas and minimise the adjoining areas, while favouring the relationship between the semi-private day area and the private areas in order to allow for family evolution and development.

Wood has been favoured for the building's exterior cladding, with this choice of materials and colours respecting the harmony with the landscape offered by the forest of the Bois de Belmont, located to the north of the building, a few metres from the facade.

The natural wood facades (larch) change over time according to the effects of the weather, good or bad.

The wood used will be Swiss origin certified.

Priority was given to insulation that is natural (rockwool) or made from recycled materials.

Energy generation

Thermal solar panels will ensure the supply of domestic hot water.

PV panels will be integrated into the roof and will provide a significant proportion of the building's electricity consumption.

A few figures

The SIA Volume is 2,500 m3.

The total surface area is 765 m2 of which 534 m2 is habitable.