Contemporary house Pully

Completion of a project for a residential family home with swimming pool, Pully district

Harmonising the building with the surrounding landscape

This thoroughly contemporary project is made up of 4 habitable levels, mainly given over to living space and relaxation, and it is located on the shores of Lake Geneva in an exceptional position.

The project is organised horizontally north/south by level, with a vertical distribution to the north. On the lower ground floor is the day area, with the kitchen to the east, then the dining area, the living room and the relaxation areas to the south. On the upper floors are the bedrooms with dressing room and bathroom, and an open-plan office in the attic – workshop, with a sun room opening onto the lake.

The idea was to maximise the useful areas and minimise the adjoining areas, while favouring the relationship between the semi-private day area on the lower ground floor and the private areas in order to allow for family evolution and development.