EPFL campus

Offshore campus at ras al-khaimah

"EPFL des sables"

The project's philosophy

The infinite... This one takes the form of a cyclone. A totem forms the eye, and this will be the centre of the campus. Around, it will be possible to construct buildings in a spiralling effect. The advantage is in being able to add more structures without interruption until occupation of the area is complete.

A spectacular totem, envisaged as being welcoming to businesses, makes up the centre, forming a landmark that is visible for miles around. The arms, which unwind in a spiral, then welcome the flat buildings of the research centres, classrooms and halls of residence. The whole follows a scheme that symbolises the infinite.

Large solar sails

This "totem" won't go unnoticed. It has been conceived as a 300-metre high glass tower wrapped in two large sails, which will have a dual function of both providing shade for the offices and of generating electricity thanks to the solar panels (one part of the agreement that will furnish them).