Study of redevelopment site

Site redevelopment study

Creating minergie p-certified dwellings

Integration within the site

This project of 6 dwellings sits within the contour lines of the natural terrain, and is limited to a north-south construction at the foot of the existing mound, at the eastern limit of the plot. The site is preserved in its natural state and the visual relationship between the villa "La Pelouse" and the pavilion is unchanged. The six units are suspended on a system of stilts to the east and placed on the lower reaches of the mound to the west, each volume being offset by 120 cm in height, following the north-south slope of the natural terrain. 

Wood has been favoured for the exterior cladding of the building,with this choice of materials and colours respecting the harmony with the natural landscape offered by the neighbouring wooded countryside. 

The natural wood facades (larch) change over time according to the effects of the weather, good or bad.

Thermal cladding and energy production

The collection of volumes is constructed according to MINERGIE-P standards. Additional heat production (stove) will equip each unit. Individual PV solar panels will allow each dwelling to provide for its own electricity needs.

A few figures

The SIA Volume totals 6,300 m3 for the seven dwellings. 

The total habitable surface area of the complex is 1,500 m2.